Offers you two of the most unique lines...


...the Dutch pottery famous round the world, take almost a full week to produce. We are the only production facility in North America, offering over 300 different hand painted Dutch pottery items.  Follow the steps from pouring the liquid clay into molds, firing the clay at 2,000 degrees, and talk to the artists as they hand paint Dutch designs and glaze each item for the perfect shine.


Wooden Shoes

Wooden shoes are a very practical footwear for gardening, getting the mail, general use. See the shoe maker produce wooden shoes from block of poplar wood using authentic Dutch machinery (still used in Europe today) designed especially for making wooden shoes.

We produce an excellent grade of wooden shoes in sizes from very small doll to a size 14 adult shoe. These great shoes can be custom with almost anything you can imagine.

We have not forgotten the past completely, our wooden shoe hand carver was specially trained and received his diploma in wood carving from the Netherlands.







DeKlomp Wooden Shoe and Delft Factory is a store that words cannot describe. From the time you walk into the door, your eyes will not believe the beauty and splendor of the items on our shelves.

Talk with your wonder staff as they explain how we make our product from beginning to end production. See the detail and pride of work that goes into each piece of product we make.
We offer you over 400 different pices hand painted by our highly trained staff...


  • 800 items from around the world

  • 50 kinds of cookies, pastries, candies

  • Woodenshoes for small dolls up to adult size 14

  • Personalizing for that extra special touch

  • Chocolate Letters   Large & Small