We will be closed 4/15/2018 due to the ice storm


The Tulips are -1" to 4" tall

Daff's -3" to 1" tall

Hyacinths 1" tall

Crocus Blooming


Peak color should be near May 10 2018

Starting Color April 25 estamted

Last Color for Tulips near May 26 estamted

*** Bloom times will change with weather***

The City of Holland tends to bloom 7 to 10 Days ahead of the Farm.

With 6 Million tulips & 800 Kinds planted here.  Many kind of tulips start out only being seen at Veldheer's & the Netherlands grower. Veldheer's is a must to visit when in southern Michigan

Vern Veldheer was born Sept 25 1925

He started Veldheer's Inc. with 100 red tulip and 300 white tulips in 1947 post WWII.  He still works 60+ hours a week.  He life has been an insperation to many in our community, staff, family, & myself.

Order your tulips online at:  

Veldheerstore.com is your shopping source for your "Fall Bulb" needs (Tulips Daff's, Hyac, Crocus, Iris, & Manny Accent bulbs, But it is also your "Spring" needs for Perennials, Semi Perennials, Garden & Home widgets, Etc..   Many new items will be added over the next 20wks.

(Note - Please use link above in lieu of "Shop Here" Menu Shortcut.)

Launching 4/17/2018


will be your web store for Delftware, Wooden Shoes, Gifts, Dutch Cookies and Candies



Sunny & 31 degrees



Tuesday thru Friday:  10am to 5pm
Sat / Sun / Mon :  10am to 4pm




Veldheer's: 616-399-1900 ext 6

De Klomp: 616-399-1900 ext 4

General: 616-399-1900 ext 0

Hours & Directions: 616-399-1900 ext 3

Blooms & Order updates:  616-399-1900 ext 2

Group Sale:  616-399-1900 ext 7


Fax: 616-399-1270

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