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July 11, 2019

Now that the tulips have all completed there blooming cycle for the 2019 season, we are busy digging the bulbs out of the ground so that we can sell them to you in the garden center.


As of today, we have about twenty different types of tulip bulbs available to take home.


Come and visit the Woodenshoe and Delfware factory and watch how the product is made.


Hope to see you soon.





the tulips are wonderfull


We are very close to peak color.


Please do not wait, come now.  with the weather warming up the end of the tulips bloom time will  come faster.  this weekend will be great color (5/18 & 5/19 ).  please watch our facebook pages for updates.




With 6 Million tulips & 800 Kinds planted here.  Many kind of tulips start out only being seen at Veldheer's & the Netherlands grower. Veldheer's is a must to visit when in southern Michigan

Vern Veldheer was born Sept 25 1925

He started Veldheer's Inc. with 100 red tulip and 300 white tulips in 1947 post WWII.  He still works 60+ hours a week.  He life has been an inseperation to many in our community, staff, family, & myself.

Order your tulips online at:  

Veldheerstore.com is your shopping source for your "Fall Bulb" needs (Tulips Daff's, Hyac, Crocus, Iris, & Many Accent bulbs, But it is also your "Spring" needs for Perennials, Semi Perennials, Garden & Home widgets, Etc..   Many new items will be added over the next 20wks.

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will be your web store for Delftware, Wooden Shoes, Gifts, Dutch Cookies and Candies



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